Design Your Own … Pixie Crew Wallet



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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£0.00)

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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£0.00)

If you love Lego, you’ll love these pixel design wallets!

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Our Pixel Wallets are BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!!

Make your mark when you’re out and about with these fantastic Lego-style design wallets.

The question we’re asked most often –  “Do the pixels fall off?” 
No they don’t. But you CAN pick them off and create a new design another day.

Rubberised so they’re flexible, simply attach mini pixel squares to create any design …. And if you get bored, simply pull them off and start again. 100 pixels provided with order. [Extra pixels available to order separately – see related products]

The velcro zip keeps your money safely stored.
The wallet is divided into several sections: cash and receipts are held in the biggest section, coins are kept in a zipped compartment, two pockets are see-through to store pictures and photo id.

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