Festival Music Band jigsaw puzzle (1000 piece)


BUILD IT FIRST, SOLVE IT SECOND: With 1000 pieces it’s a difficult puzzle to build but the challenge has only just begun once you slot the last piece into place. Now you’ve got to solve all 101 music-based riddles.

CAN YOU FIND THEM ALL: Crack each hidden riddle to find the name of a very famous band or artist. Then tick it off the checklist inside the box and head here to see how many you got right.

IT’S A GAME IN A PUZZLE: Puzzles are great, games are great, so why not combine the two? You could call it a music guzzle. Or a Pame. Guzzle is better.

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A music puzzle for grown-ups, which is also a game

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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£1.00)

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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£1.00)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 300/300

The Boys Say:We do love a jigsaw!

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