Foooty Ball Kit


We just love the concept of this ‘build your own ball’ kit.

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See Foooty’s ultimate football skills video here!

PLAY ANYWHERE:  FOOOTY  makes it possible to play anywhere, anytime you want. Born out of frustration! Inspired by the beautiful game of football and the construction fun of Lego. It fits in your pocket and can be used indoor and outdoors.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables you to create 3D shapes. When connecting the FOOOTY elements, using the unique FOOOTY connection system, you can create all popular ball shapes and much more. Finished playing… you can just put them back in your pocket.

CREATIVE ENERGY:  Many studies prove that regular moments of PLAY ignite creativity, enhance energy levels and stimulate social interaction. It gives opportunities and hope to many people. With FOOOTY and your imagination we can build a FUN new world…


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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£1.00)

Select Gift Wrap

Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£1.00)

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