Waboba “Artist Series” Foldable Frisbee



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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£1.00)

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Happy Birthday (design may vary) (£1.00)

Great distance, and doesn’t hurt your fingers when you catch up!  What’s not to love!!

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Special Wingman collection designed by Charleston artist Chris Kemp.

The Artist Series features 6 hand drawn illustrations ready to fly. Always along for the ride!

When you’re ready to fly, you’ve got a Wingman in the sky. With its unique aerodynamic design, Wingman flies over 40 meters / 130 feet, and doesn’t veer off course to leave you or your partner hanging. Like any Wingman should! Plus, with its silicone material, you can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand.

• Flies over 40m / 130ft!
• Foldable, silicone flying disc
• Flies straight as an arrow
• Fits in your pocket
• Fly it anywhere – indoors or outdoor
• Size: 6 inches / 152.4 mm

CLICK HERE to see how well they fly!

The Boys Say:If you only take one thing on holiday ...

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